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Activities of the organization

    • Multipurpose Women Welfare Complex and Working Women Hostel

      The ground floor of the BPWO women Complex is complete and work on the hostel was initiated. A warden and the required staff for the hostel were appointed. Funds are being raised through campaigns and various sources to construct the first floor. Loan from the Federation was taken which will be paid off in installments.

    • Sewing Center

      This is running successfully. In the past 5 years, 20 girls received Diploma Certificates and sewing machines on completion of one year course in sewing, cutting, embroidery and knitting. Articles made by the girls are sold through a permanent outlet and thrift shops.

    • Health Care & Family Planning Center

      A Lady Health Visitor, Motivator and a Nurse run this center. Treatment is provided to the low income community free of cost. Including Hepatitis B and other vaccines for children. Family Planning Services are provided by the Motivator to the local community. Camps are organized with the cooperation of the local people to give Typhoid and Cholera Vaccines in the surrounding areas, specially the Katchi Abadis. Mrs. Azra Amjad also runs a free of cost Homeopathic Clinic.

    • Quranic Education

      Classes are held thrice a week.  Qualified teachers teach females of the locality proper recitation of the Quran, its translation and Tafseer.

    • Help the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) of Swat & Malakand

      Due to fear of their safety people from Swat & Malakand moved to Hassan Abdal and Haripur where the government camps with facilities were set up. These however were not sufficient to meet their needs. BPWO in collaboration with PARC adopted 130 families and provided clothes for 200 women, 50 bedding, 100 water coolers, 250 bags each of flour and rice, cooking oil, pulses, sugar, tea etc.
      A Center was set up to train females in sewing, cutting and embroidery with the help of the BPWO sewing teacher. Material & equipment was supplied to the trainees.
      A Primary school for children from 5 -15 years of age was also established with two trained teachers. All the activities were controlled by the BPWO staff supervised by Ms. Malka Farooqui.

    • Religious functions

      Eid e Milad un Nabi was celebrated on a large scale in both the years. Women from all walks of life were invited. Food items were served courtesy of BPWO members.  Ayat e Karima was held twice, for Peace, Defense and Prosperity of Pakistan
    • Cooking Classes

      These were organized during the summer vacations and were attended by a large number of females. One week courses for making Jam, Jelly, Squashes and various types of Pickles were conducted by Ms. Azra Amjad Ali.

    • Fund Raising Campaign

      Two Meena Bazars were successfully organized by BPWO in November 2008 and December 2009 In the Women’s Welfare Complex. A large number of stalls of eatables, fabrics, handicrafts etc. were booked due to the keen interest of the Women’s section of Chamber of Commerce, Islamabad. Various eatables were supplied to the Tea stalls by the BPWO members.  Raffle tickets of Rs.10, as in previous years were sold to the attendees of the Bazars. Members of the executive committee also sold tickets. Twelve prizes were given contributed by the members of BPWO



  1. Lecture on “Interior Design and Landscape” by Dr. Afzal Ahmed, Interior Designer and Garden Landscaper on March 27, 2007 at the Lahore Gymkhana Club.
  2. Annual meeting of BPWO on March 27, 2007, at the Women’s Welfare Complex. Activities and Financial reports of the organization for 2007 were presented.
  3. Eid Milad-un-Nabi on April 17, 2007 during Rabi-ul-Awal.
  4. Members enjoyed the movie “Mein Ek Din Lot Kay Aaonga” at Sozo Cinema, on May 22, 2007.
  5. An Iftar party, courtesy Dr. Tahira Hussain, President, BPWO on October 11, 2007.
  6. Iqbal Day celebrated on November 8, 2007. Mr. Aslam Kamal, Director of programs, gave a lecture on “Mussavir aur Shair Ki Nazar mein”, followed by discussions.
  7. Annual Exhibition and Sale of products of all (Yakki Gate, Shahdara & Faisal Town) the Craft Centers was held on December 4, 2007.
  8. A lecture on “Current Affairs” was given by Mr. Khalid Shafiq, an eminent scholar, on January 24, 2008 at Lahore Gymkhana.
  9. A Seminar presided by Dr. Shahida Haider, Ex- President of BPWO, on “Mojuda Dor mein Khawateen Ka Mukaam” was organized by Pakistan Commission for Behbood-e-Khawateen, on February 26, 2008. Their problems were submitted to the Chairperson of the Commission by the ladies from the Craft centers and the local community. Recommendations will be sent to the commission.

January 2008- February 2009

  1. A lecture on “Current Affairs” was given by Mr. Khalid Shafiq, an eminent scholar, on January 24, 2008 at Lahore Gymkhana
  2. In the light of the recommendations in the seminar on “Mojuda Dor mein Khawateen Ka Mukaam”, a report was prepared and sent to the commission.
  1. Mehfil e Milad-un-Nabi was held on April 24, 2008 at the Women’s Welfare Complex, A renowned Alima Mrs. Attiya Sahiba delivered the Dars.
  2. Members enjoyed the movie “Jannat” at Sozo Cinema, on May 31, 2008.


  No. of students trained in various skills
  Jan – Dec ’07 Jan – Dec ‘08
Al Fatima Markaz, Yakki Gate 108 95
Shahdara Craft Centre 224 190
Faisal Town Craft Centre 60 81

Patients treated free at Health Centre   F 576; M 194; Child 466  F546; M 92; Child 435

Faisal Town Total 1236 1096


  • Job Placement and Counseling for Women is operating smoothly & progressing under the supervision of Dr. Akhtar Malik, Chairperson of BPWO Trust.
  • Ms. Rukhsana Butt, Placement Officer, is responsible for operations of JPC-W, since the last 3 years.

Current Status:

  Jan – Dec ’07 Jan – Dec ‘08
Registration   16 21
Placement     12 18
Referrals 65 85


  • Prayers were held for the death of mothers of two members, Ms. Gul e Rana and Ms. Hina Aysha Mir. and of Mrs. S.A. Khan, a founder member and Ex President of BPWO.

Members Honoured

  • Dr. Tahira Hussain was awarded a certificate by the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts for her services to Girl Guiding.
  • Ms. Ismat Niaz was awarded the Fatima Jinnah Medal from the Punjab Government, under the Women Development Programme for her services in Girl Guiding.
  • Dr. Mrs. Tasneem Amer Raza, member of BPWO Trust received the Achievement Award given by the International Soroptomist Club for her Social Services

Meetings/Functions Attended

  • In August 2008, 2 members of BPWO office staff attended a seminar organized by the Social Welfare Department at UC Project No. 7, Green Town, Lahore.
  • On December 23, 2008, BPWO Craft Centers participated in an Exhibition at the Children’s Complex arranged by the Social Welfare Department, Lahore.

Serious problems faced and Suggestions for resolution sought

  • Lack of attendance at meetings
  • Decrease in number of members.
  • Slow progress of our sub committees


  • The office of the organization was shifted to the ground floor, in consideration of members who cannot climb the stairs. The rest of the premises were rented out.
  • Two large rooms on the first floor were rented out to an old tenant, Bank Al Falah. Steel stairs were constructed to go up to the rest of the building, including Mesahib Begum Hall and the Library.
  • Pay structure of the staff was considered to be low. It was revised and increments given according to their levels.
  • Donation of Rs. 5000/- was given to BPWO by the President, Dr. Tahira Hussain for purchase of a knitting machine.


Pakistan Day

On March 23, 2009, Pakistan Day was celebrated at the Govt. Girls village school near Quetta. Speech contest was held and awards given to the top three contestants. Milli songs were sung and sweets distributed.

Pakistan Independence Day
The flag was hoisted. A women’s exhibition hockey match was played at the Government College ground. BPWO Quetta donated the trophies for winner and runner up teams.

Donations / Relief Activities

  • Relief goods – Food items, clothing, utensils, and other household items were collected through involvement of high school and college students, members of BPWO Quetta.
  • These were sent to Swat for the IDPs through Major General Tahir of 33rd Division Quetta.
  • Relief goods were also sent to 30 families in the Sorange Coal Mine area who had migrated to Quetta from Swat. This was on an appeal from Mr. Naseem Lehri, the commissioner Quetta Division.
  • Monthly support of Rs. 1000/- each was organized for 6 ladies (due to efforts of Ms. Allah din) from the Benazir income support programme – courtesy Senator Neelofar Bakhtiyar.
  • Funds were raised for Najma Baloch badly burnt by her husband who poured acid on her & her one year old baby (who died). Plastic surgery was conducted at the Akram Hospital by Surgeon Fareed Agha, at nominal rates, with the cooperation of the hospital management, contributions by QTA Chilton Lions Club and NGO TIBM. With the help of BPWO members Najma Baloch is now self sufficient and teaches in a village school near her house.
  • Relief was provided to a driver earning Rs. 5000/month with 6 children, 4 of whom were physically disabled and who had a one month baby. With his consent, tube litigation procedure was done on his wife (she was rewarded). A tricycle, a walker, a wheelchair and Rs. 12000/- for rations were donated. The household was referred to by ex MPA Ms. Samina Saeed and was visited by Ms. Allah din, Saba Magsi, Yasmin Achakzai, Najma Bhatti and Abida, prior to providing aid to the family.
  • Three widows were each given Rs. 2000/-, a steel dinner set with some clothes for the marriage of their daughters.
  • Funds (Rs. 54000/-) were raised by members through friends and NGOs to cover cost of four months treatment of Hepatitis Injections required by a poor lady. She is currently undergoing treatment and will be supported till she recovers.

Ramzan Rations   

20 deserving families were provided ration parcels contributed by BPWO members.

Ayat e Karima Mehfil   

90 ladies from various organizations participated in this mehfil, followed by Dua for peace and prosperity of Pakistan.

Fund raiser   

Funds were raised through sale of food items prepared by BPWO members, at a Tuck shop and a stall (courtesy Ms. Yasmin Mandokhail) at a Women’s University.


A party was given for Ms.Aftab Masroor Alam, Secretary of BPWO, and members Mussarat Paul, Sajida Qureshi, Yasmin Mandokhail and Najma Bhatti have shifted else where from Quetta. Ms. Samina Saeed was elected as the Secretary and Prof. Nargis Fazel din as Joint Secretary of the Quetta Chapter. Ms.Aftab Masroor Alam desired to continue her membership with Quetta.



Working Women’s Hostel

This has been completed and is now functional. Currently the occupancy is of 70 women. Prof. Mariam S.Noohani and Ms. Akhtar Jabeen Siddiqui were the major forces behind completion of this project. Funds are however required for furniture/other items to bring this hostel at the same level as others in the city.

Poverty Alleviation Project

Ms. Akhtar Jabeen Siddiqui has taken up the above project of the Institute of Women Development Studies, University of Sindh, Jamshoro for the duration of one year. The project is about a training programme of underprivileged women of the Sindh University Colony, to provide/improve their skills, Enhance incomes – thus reduce poverty. 


Eid Milan Party

A party was held in which the following members were congratulated for:

Awards received

Prof. Mariam S.Noohani                     Lifetime achievement award for relentless service by KFC
Prof. Sehar Imdad                             Presidential award
Prof. Abida Taherani                          Best teacher award 2009-2010

New assignments  

Prof. Rafia Ahmed Sheikh        Prof-Vice Chancellor, University of Sindh, Jamshoro
Prof. Fahmida Hussain            Chairperson Sindh Language Authority, Hyderabad
Prof. Parveen Munshi              Dean of Faculty of Education, University of Sindh, Jamshoro
Prof. Parveen Shah                 Dean of faculty of Social Sciences

Conference – Third Global Congress of Women in Politics & Governance - 2008
Prof. Parveen Shah, General Secretary of BPWO & Director, Institute of Women’s Development Studies, University of Sindh, Jamshoro was nominated to attend this conference by SAFWCO (Sindh Agricultural Forestry Workers Cooperative Organization. The theme of the congress was “Gender in climate change & Disaster-Risk Reduction”. It was organized by the Center for Asia Pacific Women in Politics (CAPWIP) in partnership with United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UN/ISDR) and the Women’s Environment & Development Organization (WEDO). There were 250 participants from 27 countries and Pakistan had the honour to be the Leader of the Asia Region.

Special Condolence Meeting – February 2008

Fateha was offered for Mohtarama Benazir Bhutto Shaheed and the terrorism act was condemned.

Milad Mehfil – March 2009

This was organized by BPWO at the social welfare center, University of Sindh and a large number of women participated in this event.

Peace & Security Day – February 2009

Quran Khani & Durood Khatum was organized by BPWO for peace and prosperity of Pakistan.

Distribution of Rations/other items

Dr. Salima R. Ahmed, President of the BPWO Federation, Karachi, distributed rations/other items to the staff and teachers in three adopted schools of Hyderabad.