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Profile of BPW Pakistan

Name of the Organization:  “Pakistan Federation of Business & Professional Women’s Organization”

ADDRESS:   The Principal Office at Karachi at Dr. SRA Women’s Complex, Street No.2, Block-9, Clifton, Karachi.

AIMS AND OBJECTS: Organize women in all parts of country to use their combine abilities and strength for the attainment of the following objects: -

  • To work for high standards of educational and intellectual attainments of women so as to prepare them as useful and worthy citizen of Pakistan.
  • To keep women folk aware of national, international and communal happenings through libraries, seminars and vocational classes.
  • To encourage women and girls to acquire education in all fields and to apply their capacities and intelligence for the benefit of others as well as themselves.
  • To work for the welfare of the women within the country by making all efforts to prepare them as an independent citizen.
  • To solve the problem of the working women within the country through joint efforts and through mass education.
  • To promote/organize and prorogate the activities of the Federation on National and international levels.


Federation non-political, non-partisan. Its objects without distinction as to race, language or religion. Any profits to the Federation are use to promote its objectives.


We have branches in all four provinces.

BPW Pakistan - Karachi:-

We are running a hostel on no profit no loss basis for working ladies and a Retired Women’s Home, we run a school at Azam Town. We have 500 students in two shifts (Morning and Afternoon). We provide free, Books, Exercise books, Uniforms and stationary etc.every year to all the students.

We have Industrial Home and Computer Centre at Azam Town.

We have adopted school in Karachi and Hyderabad. We provide teachers and sanitary worker also etc.

BPW Pakistan – Hyderabad:

Recently we have renovated the Adopted school at Hyderabad. Expenses Rs.16,000,000/-

We have a Hostel for working ladies at Hyderabad.

BPW Pakistan – Islamabad:

Mrs. Sajida Zulfiqar Ali Khan is the President of BPW Islamabad Branch. BPW Rawalpindi Islamabad is running a women and child Health Care Centre at the Women’s Welfare Complex, Rawal Town Islamabad. They have a qualified Gynecologist and a trained nurse antenatal postnatal and preventive care for mothers and children. There is a fully equipped labor room and laboratory for various tests. Free polio drops have been given to 400 children.

Three camps were arranged for Hepatitis injections and tests. Family planning center Ministry of Population and Welfare established Falahi Markaz at the BPWO Complex, because they have provided free accommodation.

Vocational Training Centre:

A trained teacher and an assistant are running various courses. Baby Show was arranged at the complex. Cooking Courses were held in summer vacations. Clay making Courses and tree plantation week was also observed.

Milad was also held and Dars-e-Quran is held regularly.

BPW Pakistan -  Lahore Branch: -

  • Has jobs placement and counseling for women (JPC-W) in Faisal Town Lahore.
  • For the year 2004 and 2005, 139 registrations took place. Women Development Centre, Alfatima Markaz outside Yaki Gate women got regular training in various crafts.
  • At Shahdra also remained very active with craft training in short certificate training given to low-income groups. About 155 women were trained.
  • At Faisal Town Women Development center, various training on topics ranging from English language course to computer training remained all time favorite also child and mother. Health service of fees free services to neighborhood. Medical Doctor also offer offers free consultancy to the needy ones. 1314 patients have received free medical aid 2004 to 2005.

BPW Pakistan – Quetta Branch: -

Earthquakes in Pakistan has killed as many as one lacs peoples and in some areas entire villages have disappeared under landslides. Millions of survivors are in need of shelter, food, water, Medical supplies, and basic sanitation. The existing challenge of providing aid to remote areas is exacerbated by the approach of winter.

In response to this crisis, Business and Professional Women Organization has focused their efforts on this tragedy and has been working to help with rebuilding and relief efforts. The initial focus was on emergency relief and in future will try to help in the long-term reconstruction and rehabilitation of communities.

Every member is her own field of work collected, food, water, Medical, Supplies, Blankets, tents and other basic needs of life. Besides this cash money was also send in President’s relieve fund, which could help provide essential items for families whose homes and possessions have been completely destroyed.



Federation, non-political, non-partisan, without distinction to race, language or religion
any profits to the Federation are used to promote its objectives.


We have branches in all four provinces.